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Good Time Max

Prod. Co.: Rabbit Bandini Productions
Distributor: IFC Films
Director: James Franco
Starring: James Franco, Wilmer Calderon,
Charity Shea

Liberty Kid

"New York Times Critic's Pick"
Production Company: Glass Eye Pix
Distributor: Kino Films
Producers: Larry Fessenden,
Mike S. Ryan
Director: Ilya Chaiken
Starring: Al Thompson, Kareem Savinon

Fire & Ice: The Dragon Chronicles
SyFy Channel Original Movie
Production Company: MediaPro Pictures
Executive Producer: Angela Mancuso
Director: Pitof
Starring: Amy Acker, John Rhys-Davies, Tom Wisdom, Arnold Vosloo

Prod. Co.: Candle Room Productions
Producer: Jeff Most
Director: Clayne Crawford
Starring: Edward Furlong, Burt Young,
Lina Esco, Eric Roberts, Roma Maffia, Clayne Crawford

Burn Unit

Production Company: funnyordie.com
Distributor: HBO
Producer: Andrea Sperling
Director: Ryan Shiraki
Starring: Luenell, Elise Neal,
Paula Jai Parker


Lifetime "Moms"
Network: Lifetime
Agency: BPG

Lifetime "Passion"
Network: Lifetime
Agency: BPG

FXM "Image"
Network: Fox Movie Channel
Agency: BPG

Movietickets "Lonely Man"
Theatrical Spot
Production company: BPG

GSN "Charades"
Network: GSN
Agency: BPG

Drew Carey's Improv-i-ganza "Bad Words"
TV Spot
Network: GSN
Agency: BPG

Amazing Race "Epic"
Network: GSN
Agency: BPG

The Last Mogul
Theatrical Trailer
Prod. Co.: Melbar Entertainment Group
Distributor: Think Film


The Burying Beetle

Producers: Angela Sostre & Dave Rock
Writer/Director/Editor: Dave Rock
Starring: John Michael Higgins,
Freddy Rodriguez, Margaret Welsh,
Jacob Bertrand

Life Coach

Writer: Margaret Welsh
Director/Editor: Dave Rock
Starring: John Michael Higgins,
Margaret Welsh

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